Organic and QA Certification 



Get certified

We help primary producers become organic producers with our simple “Steps to Certification” process. We'll walk you through the whole process and prepare all the required forms and paperwork.

We can also help manufacturers with integrating your existing QA / HACCP program.   

OS&S is successfully integrating existing QA / HACCP programs with Organic Management Plans to insure businesses meet all regulative and systems requirement.

OS&S has developed a fully integrated system for those businesses needing a total package – ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO22000 and Organic Management Plans.



 Already an organic producer? We can assist with your audit.

We can help with any non-conformances, technical questions, supply chain management and record keeping. OS&S can further develop your Organic Management Plans and improve record keeping methods, in a simple to use, practical format.



The Organic Systems & Solutions team are experienced in Organic standards development and implementation. We can help you design and implement organic regulations.

The OS&S team have extensive experience in assisting governments – on local, state and national levels to develop & implement standards, train manufacturers & producers in organic systems and integrate organic standard requirements with environmental regulations.

Contact us for a proposal designed for your requirements.